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Kardex Remstar Remote Support:

Proactive maintenance from afar – quickly, directly and efficiently

Kardex Remstar Remote Support:

The optimal service solution for your competitive advantage

Remote Assistance
With our new Remote Support solution, we can monitor your units via our portal and perform proactive maintenance. The operator can request technical help directly from the equipment’s panel, send all the necessary information and get assistance. The equipment also sends a report automatically if it stops working, guaranteeing fast reaction times and efficient service processes. After receiving permission to connect, we can provide a remote diagnosis, which saves you time and money and avoids the need for a technician’s visit. If a problem cannot be solved via remote maintenance, an engineer is immediately informed about the diagnosis and comes optimally prepared to repair the unit on-site. With Remote Assistance, you save as soon as the first downtime is reported.

Remote Analytics
Our new Remote Support solution visualizes all the unit’s data in Kardex’ new online portal. With the live overview you can get information on the status of your units at any time and from anywhere, allowing you to enjoy maximum process reliability. Furthermore, the portal offers extensive analysis options by displaying service callouts, the units’ utilized capacity, and the completed cycles. Thanks to such insights, all processes relating to the use of your units can be continuously improved and optimized. As such, fluctuations in the utilized capacity of the units during operation can be identified and solved at an early stage. In addition, we use the data to dynamically calculate the best servicing date, depending on how you use the equipment.

  • Fewer breakdowns
  • Minimal downtime costs
  • Maximum security
  • Greater reliability
  • Early fault detection
  • More transparency
  • Extensive analysis
  • Direct assistance from experts
  • Optimal utilization

Kardex Remstar Remote Support:

Our promise for your data security

  • Secure data storage in Germany
  • Only unit and hardware information is transferred – personal data remains personal
  • Two-factor authentication using independent certificates increases protection against unauthorized access
  • Access rights to the unit only granted to a predefined user group
  • Certified and tested: FIPS-140-2 compliance, ISO 27001:2013
  • Secure data transfer via HTTPS – the firewall-compatible standard offers maximum security
  • Remote access to the unit only is possible after you have given permission
  • Secure separation of your company network using the Kardex Remstar router
  • Access to the router is not possible from the outside; you retain full control
  • Encrypted and pseudonymized data transfer