• Kardex Remstar Life Cycle Service

    Maximum Reliability

    Modular services to support your system’s entire life cycle

Smooth-functioning intralogistics processes are essential for efficient and competitive production.

In an increasingly dynamic market environment, unanticipated faults and downtime can often have serious consequences. If new goods cannot be stored and stored goods cannot be picked, the resulting delays in production and delivery can be very costly.

Kardex Remstar’s Life Cycle Service provides a holistic, modular solution that guarantees the effective operation of your logistics and warehousing operations.

Kardex Remstar has the right answers for you!


“The experts running the hotline are very knowledgeable and can solve many issues on the phone, which is quick and efficient.”


J. L., Factory Director at Budweg Caliper A/S

Live Cycle Service
Life Cycle Service
Case Study "Dorma"
Case Study "Dorma"

Customer Statements – Service makes the difference!

Customer satisfaction is very important to us.

“The experts running the hotline are very knowledgeable and can solve many issues on the phone, which is quick and efficient. Kardex Remstar is very flexible and service oriented. It’s never a problem to schedule technicians outside of working hours.“

J. L., Factory Director at Budweg Caliper A/S

“Thanks to the Kardex Remstar Life Cycle Service, we can quickly ensure the delivery of our Schindler spare parts even in the event of a malfunction of the Kardex Shuttle XP. The friendly Kardex service technicians will be on site within a few hours.”

M. L., Warehouse Manager at Schindler AG

“We have a 24/7 service contract with Kardex Remstar. We almost never have a problem with our machines, but we store essential spare and assembly parts, so we see it as an insurance in case of an issue.”

J. C. P., Warehouse & Logistics Manager at VM Tarm A/S

“We chose the option of an all-inclusive package for the installation of our devices with automation technology and robot connection. Everything was carried out on time and precisely coordinated.“

A. J., Head of Development Grinding Technology at KAMAX Tools & Equipment GmbH & Co. KG

“Kardex Remstar carried out the relocation of seven units for us, including complete dismantling and reassembly at the new location. The service technicians were highly skilled, worked safely and precisely. They also met all time stipulations.“

K. M., Head of Logistics at Matrium GmbH

“Kardex Remstar service is easily reachable and they always meet the agreed 6-hour reaction time. The collaboration is based on partnership. For example, a joint safety briefing was held by Kardex service technicians and our team.”

L. O., Facility Management, Business Administration, Infrastructure at Phoenix Contract GmbH & Co. KG

“Agreed appointments are adhered to; in the event of faults, expert technicians are always on site.”

R. K., Head of Logistics at ebm-papst Zeitlauf GmbH&Co.KG

Service Packages - Different contract models for different requirements

Choose your personalized service contract

When you have decided which services you require, choose the service package that best suits your needs: BASE Care, FLEX Care or FULL Care. Our Life Cycle Service team will gladly work with you to develop a package that is precisely tailored to your system.

"I need reliable and dependable systems"

BASE Care - guarantee reliable testing according to legal requirements

The basic protection package for automated storage solutions from Kardex Remstar. Our experienced technicians guarantee reliable testing according to legal requirements. In the event of faults or questions, our service team will be pleased to help you during normal working hours.

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“I need guaranteed rapid response in case of malfunction.”

FLEX Care - Adjust the contract details exactly to your personal needs

Adjust the contract details exactly to your personal needs. Decide how much support you need from us and whether you require our Remote Support Module to reduce the risk of equipment failure. FLEX Care is our most popular contract package for companies with their own maintenance staff.

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“I need maximum availability at predictable costs.”

FULL Care - Maximum service protection at predictable costs

Enjoy maximum service protection at predictable costs. Our FULL Care package offers you a series of tangible benefits. The built-in Remote Support Module detects problems early so that you can take preventive action to ensure the productivity of your systems. At the same time, all service requirements are already included in the package. This means that there are no additional costs for the repair or maintenance of your storage systems. FULL Care is for companies that do not have their own in-house maintenance provision. 

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Individually combinable services

Find the best service package for your requirements


Installation and Commissioning
Get your new system up and running in the shortest possible time.




Increase operating safety and efficiency.




Kardex Service Portal
Access your system in the Kardex Portal.




Maintenance and Safety Test
Increase security for your employees and operations.




Upgrade and Retrofit
Systematically develop your existing solution.




Remote Support
Maximize the process security of your warehouse logistics.



Relocation Service
Take advantage of professional moving of your system.



HelpDesk Support
Minimize downtime with rapid phone support.



Easily customize your devices to meet new requirements.




Spare parts
Speed up repairs by holding spare parts on site.




Software Support
Software check up by experts.




OnSite Support
Timely repair for your machines.




  • Kardex Remstar Remote Support

    Proactive maintenance from afar –

    quickly, directly and efficiently

With the Kardex Remote Support Module, we can monitor your units via our portal. The equipment will automatically create a service request if a fault occurs, guaranteeing fast reaction times and efficient service processes. After receiving permission to connect, we can diagnose your equipment, which saves you time and money and avoids the need for a technician’s visit.

With Remote Assistance, you save as soon as the first downtime is reported. Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to view the status of all your Kardex Remstar equipment directly on our Kardex App, allowing you to enjoy maximum process reliability and full transparency wherever you are.

Remote Support

Minimize downtime – With remote access, our experts can directly diagnose and repair your equipment.

Fewer breakdowns – Thanks to the monitoring system, we can proactively check your equipment and avoid breakdowns.

Maximum security
Our system is TüV IT certified, we only access your equipment when you permit it.

More transparency – Check your equipment’s status in our app from anywhere.


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