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Maximize your efficiency and competitiveness

Irrespective of the size of your online shop, Kardex Remstar has solutions to maximize efficiency in your warehouse and thus improve your competitiveness. Our automated storage systems and software solutions are tailored to the actual task and manufactured in line with the company’s expectations, regardless of whether they are needed for an individual semi-automatic solution consisting of one or two automated storage systems, or for larger projects with a number of automated storage systems and the option to store and retrieve goods fully automatically.


After opening an online shop, some of our smaller customers have invested in one or two automated storage systems in a basement and subsequently increased the number of storage systems as their business grew. Measured against traditional storage methods, our customers have improved efficiency in the warehouse by between 100 and 400 percent compared to order picking from static shelving, thereby saving a great deal of money.

Create space for more goods. Save huge amounts of space

No matter whether your ceiling is 2.5 or 30 meters high, the automated storage systems are precisely adapted to the available space as standard. The position and layout are flexible, and Kardex automated storage systems adjust to the actual height of your goods, making the best possible use of the space. Compared to storing goods on normal shelving, our customers generally reduce the amount of space needed for storage by between 70 and 90 percent by investing in Kardex automated storage systems.


This means that they have been able to let their online shop grow within the existing physical space. For this reason, some customers have not had to relocate to new premises or build expensive extensions.

You get a flexible solution that adapts to your needs

Online shops exist in a dynamic everyday environment in which flexibility and the ability to adapt are important parameters for maximum profitability. Kardex Remstar has developed solutions which ensure that you can use the whole system with only the necessary resources, regardless of whether there are many or few Internet orders.

You have the option to control the storage units with Kardex software systems, which take care of storage and retrieval in one process. This has the advantage of optimizing resources and reducing the processing time of individual orders. The overall aim here is to cut costs and offer the online shop customer faster delvery times.

Improve liquidity and thus the possibility of expanding your online shop

You can save money quickly by investing in automated storage systems from Kardex Remstar. We can provide evidence from existing customers who have been able to make significant net savings within the first few months, which has had a direct impact on trading results. When leasing the system, for instance, the monthly saving was higher than the corresponding lease payment, which led to improved liquidity and opened up the possibility of investing in sales activities and bolstering the company’s competitive capacity.

Expand the system as your online shop grows

For smaller online shops it is advantageous to invest in one or two automated storage systems together with a software package. Even this will optimize profitability of the storage space. The Kardex automated storage system can be gradually expanded as the business grows and integrating an extra unit is virtually as easy as building a conventional shelf.

Integrate Kardex automated storage systems into your online shop or host system

Kardex automated storage systems are generally controlled by Kardex software, a kind of WMS (warehouse management system) software package. You can get the full benefit and make maximum use of the storage space by integrating the Kardex software into your ERP system, online shop, or existing WMS software. Kardex Remstar has a whole range of references where installations have been integrated into Axapta, Magento, Navision, Movex, SAP, Jeeves, Apport, Consafe, Dracar, Autovision, and many more systems.

Is it worth investing in Kardex Remstar for my business?

We will be happy to pay you a visit and carry out a free survey, with no obligation, to assess the options available to help you save space, time, and money in your warehouse. Most of our customers who have now managed to significantly cut their operating costs or solve space problems in their warehouses started off with a visit of this kind. The size of your company or the line of business is not a decisive factor. Send us an e-mail or fill in our contact form.



As a globally leading supplier of automated storage solutions, Kardex Remstar has installed more than 1,000 systems in Denmark and another 140,000 throughout the world – for small and big tasks at businesses big or small across a whole range of industries. We have supplied companies whose business is based entirely on an online shop, but also companies where the online shop is just one of many sales and marketing channels. Do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further information.

One example of a company whose business is based entirely on an online shop is, a well-known company in Denmark which is growing all the time. Despite a manual order-picking process from shelves and pallets which was actually quite effective, a business plan made it clear that could save a considerable amount of money and space, and thus improve the possibility of growing the business. Today all customer orders are delivered with the help of Kardex Megamat RS storage systems and Kardex software connected to the Magento online shop. The warehouse was converted within four days and had cut order-picking costs by 43 percent just a short time after the system was commissioned. At the same time, the system was occupying 60 percent less space compared to when was using conventional shelving for storage.

Lasse Andersen, partner of

“We have acquired a space-saving, flexible, and extremely fast logistics solution which allows us to continue on our growth path.”


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