Car wholesalers or retailers

spare parts inventory management system

With which tasks can Kardex Remstar be of assistance?

The problems faced by car retailers and wholesalers are often very different. Kardex Remstar has solutions for both sectors which can save space, improve warehouse management, and increase the efficiency of spare parts storage.

For a car wholesaler, measures for optimizing the warehouse typically involve cutting costs for the distribution of goods. Order-picking time is reduced by means of the “goods-to-person” principle. Efficiency can often be increased by between 100 and 400 percent. For a car retailer, the task typically involves reducing the space needed for spare parts storage in order to be able to increase showroom space or create more workshop space. When using Kardex automated storage systems, the floor space needed to store goods can often be reduced by between 75 and 90 percent compared to static shelving.

Since the goods are stored on trays with larger dimensions (generally 3–4 meters wide), spare parts or other goods of all kinds of sizes can be stored in the automated storage systems.
The heights are also adapted to the actual goods in order to make maximum use of the volume and can be adjusted at any time if there are any changes in terms of requirements or the type of goods stored.

The height of the automated storage system is adapted to fit the actual building height in order to make best possible use of the space.
All spare parts and goods are conveyed to the employee at an ergonomically manageable height.

Integrate Kardex automated storage systems into your host system

Kardex automated storage systems are generally controlled by Kardex software, a kind of WMS (warehouse management system) software package. You can get the full benefit and make maximum use of the storage space by integrating the Kardex software into your ERP system. We have a whole range of references where installations have been integrated into Axapta, Magento, Navision, Movex, SAP, Jeeves, Apport, Consafe, Dracar, Autovision, and many more systems.


As a globally leading supplier of automated storage solutions, Kardex Remstar has installed more than 140,000 systems throughout the world. We provide profitable solutions ranging from a single automated storage system for one car retailer/spare parts warehouse to larger systems for car wholesalers. Do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further information.

Jan Petersen from the K. W Bruun spare parts warehouse in Hedehusene:

“We have reduced our floor space from 2,200 m² to 162 m², which has given us more space to stock more spare parts. In addition, we have doubled our efficiency and now have more satisfied employees.”