Kardex Remstar Horizontal Carousel:

Discover the horizontal dimension of your storage space

Horizontal Carousel - Discover the horizontal dimension of your storage space


Efficiency for a wide range of requirements

Whether used as a compact L-shaped two-carousel station to save space and manpower, as a U-shaped three- and four-carousel station for managing large inventories, or as a multistory system on several levels, Kardex Remstar has an efficient solution for every individual requirement.


Dual station

  • I- or L-shaped configuration shortens distance traveled and simplifies order picking
  • Suitable for rooms up to three meters high
  • Can be operated by one person


Triple and Quadruple stations

  • L-, I-, or U-shaped installation possible
  • Ideal for a larger product mix depth that is picked very frequently
  • Suitable for rooms up to three meters high
  • Faster order picking by using several operators at the same time


Multilevel stations

  • Formation of multiple stations for more wide-ranging requirements
  • Multilevel station, where two or three Horizontal Carousels are arranged above one another (each at least 2.5 meters high)
  • Autonomous order picking performed by one operator on each level
  • Optional installation of conveyor technology for the smooth flow of materials between the levels
  • For rooms up to nine meters high


Tall station with lifting platform

  • Combination of between two and four Horizontal Carousels, each four meters high
  • Picker transported to the retrieval location by a lifting platform
  • Division into two to three picking zones to optimize the picking time
  • For rooms up to 4.5 meters high


Unit dimensions 
Carousel length:5,900 mm to 46,700 mm
Number of carriers:The maximum number is dependent on the carrier width (CW):
CW 622 mm: 16 to 120 carriers 
CW 825 mm: 14 to 100 carriers
CW 960 mm: 12 to 90 carriers
Carrier width:622 mm, 825 mm, 960 mm
Carrier depth:460 mm, 560 mm, 610 mm
Carrier height:

1,854 mm to 3,658 mm

Load capacity 
Carrier payload:450 kg, 680 kg and 900 kg
Payload per shelf:90 kg
Performance data
Rotational speed: 24 m/min
Motors: 1.5 kW or 2.7 kW
Shelf spacing 
Standard:38 mm, special spacing available on request
Carrier with closed rear wall and/or side walls made of perspex
Shelf lock 
Closely meshed shelf 


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