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TSC - Order Fulfillment of Small Jewelry Items

The Canadian company TSC is a major multichannel retailer of an exclusive range of jewelry to customers throughout Canada. As part of its successful online expansion, the warehouse increased its stock to 15,000 high-quality items.

The wide range of products, fluctuating demand, and TSC’s round-the-clock distribution operation called for an efficient reorganization of the warehouse. Kardex Remstar made this possible with three Megamat RS units.


  • Effective handling of a wide range of products
  • Higher order picking throughput rate
  • Secure storage of high-quality products
  • Flexible solution for fluctuating order quantities


  • 600 percent increase in productivity due to the following, among other things:
    - Batch stations that make it possible for the employees to handle up to
      120 orders simultaneously
    - Monitors to assist order picking
    - Direct communication between the ERP and the inventory management software
  • 75 percent less space needed by integrating three Megamat units with their high-density storage concept
  • The number of staff needed has been reduced from 22 to ten as a result of the more effective processes
  • The lockable system protects the stored goods from dirt and theft

Scope of delivery:

  • 3 Megamat RS units, 8.8 meters tall
  • Batch station with ten positions
  • Customized monitors
  • Power Pick Global inventory management software

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