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A Heritage of Innovation and Evolution

Our origins date back to the 1880s when we introduced the “card index system” in the USA. Today Kardex Remstar specializes in the development, manufacture, and refinement of dynamic storage and retrieval systems for a number of applications in the area of intralogistics.

Both our company and range of products have changed considerably over the years; one thing that has stayed the same, however, is our innovative and creative corporate culture. This is one of the reasons why we have already been able to successfully install more than 140,000 systems together with suitable software packages all over the world. All of these solutions have been tailored to our customers’ needs in line with the latest demands of the market.

Since 1987 Kardex Remstar has been part of Kardex AG, which is listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange in Zurich.

Our history is one full of innovations:

1892Vertical filing system developed
1903Fireproof safe
1925Electric typewriter
1939Calculating machine
1939Multi-head electric shaver
1957Automatic vertical carousel
1983Computer-controlled carousel storage system
1994Vertical lift storage system
2001Integrated carousel data storage device
2003Shuttle XP unveiled with the latest drive technology
2005Shuttle XP introduced with integrated hoisting crane
2006C3000 control software launched
2009Shuttle XP 700 presented for highly dense storage of larger loads
2009Innovative Power Pick Global warehouse management software introduced
2010Megamat RS redesigned for frequently picked goods
2011Megamat RS 650 unveiled with much higher load bearing capacity
2012Logicontrol digital module developed with optimized control function
2013Power Pick Global 4 – the latest-generation control software
2013Shuttle XP 1000 introduced for handling especially heavy loads
2014sort2ship – an application for optimal sequencing of orders
2016Presentation of the Kardex Remstar LR 35 Vertical Buffer Module for fast picking of small parts