Kardex Remstar Product Overview

Vertical Lift Systems

Highest level performance and safely

To automatically store at high density and work safely and without fatigue, the magic word is "OptiFlex". It stands for "opti"-mal and "flex“-ible and means: optimal density, flexible storage strategy, optimised utilisation of room height and intelligent storage management.



Vertical Carousels

Greatest possible storage capacity

The compact construction of the Megamat RS allows you to achieve the greatest possible storage capacity. The system can be installed as a free standing vertical carousel or as a multi-storey solution with several access openings and up to a height of ten metres.





Horizontal Systems

Optimum transport and storage times

The horizontal solution is an automated horizontal carousel with high performance and safety. Its pick-to-light system permits a high level of access accuracy. Optimised transport and storage times and softwarecontrolled picking ensure a high system efficiency and deliver an excellent ROI (return on investment).

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Heavy Load

Heavy Duty Units

Kardex Remstar in association with Intertex – Storage and retrieval solutions for extremely heavy and long goods

With the Towermat and Intermat heavy-duty units, Kardex Remstar has developed the ideal solution for companies that wish to store oversized and extremely heavy goods in an efficient, safe, and space-saving manner.


Power Pick Global

Power Pick Global

The best way for global networking of storage and retrieval solutions.

Power Pick Global is a modern, customer-based software for all applications associated with warehouse management. Due to its modular design and the novel programming concept, you are ideally equipped to adapt your enterprise easily and flexibly to continuous changes in resource planning for years to come.


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Office Solution - Times Two

Office Solution - Times Two

Doubles your shelf space

The Times Two is a double sided shelving system that requires very little space. The actual shelf space is accommodated in a rotating cube within a static housing. The front and rear are easily accessible at any time to replace or retrieve folders.



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